Weekend Activities 2012-1-14
During the event, players who defeat any boss & upload the battle report... Read More
New Year Activities 2011-12-30
During the event, player will receive a New Year Red Envelopes after login to... Read More
Happy Naviage,Happy Thanks Giving 2011-11-23
With endless gratitude,Naviage will open a door leading to the mysterious sea... Read More
Weekend Activities 2011-11-17
During the event time, goods from all the ports around the world will have... Read More
Weekend Activity - Ignite Base War! 2011-11-11
During this weekend, the guilds which organize base wars and conquer relative... Read More
Invite Friends To Fight Side By Side, Gain FREE Points 2011-11-01
Greetings! players could gain FREE contribution through inviting friends to play... Read More
Doubled Exp. Top Speed Uprising! 2011-10-28
Players earn 200% Exp. points by sailing and battling in event duration ... Read More
Scar is My Medal! Doubled Battle Standing! 2011-10-28
We released relative events to celebrate Halloween! Join our events, ... Read More
Shop Discount ! Incoming Super Value Storm! 2011-10-28
Halloween is a shopping day for sure! In event duration, mass of the in shop... Read More
Ghost Fleet incoming! Secret suit waiting for you! 2011-10-28
In event duration, player with single charge 10000 contributions up will be... Read More